ORGANIBIO was founded in 1984 by three trade associations:

ANIA: Association Nationale des Industries Agroalimentaires (National Association of Agro-Food Industries)
LEEM: (formerly SNIP): Les Entreprises du Médicament (Drug Companies Association)
UIC: Union des Industries Chimiques (Union of French Chemical Industries)

and a scientific association:

ADEBIO: Association for the Development of Biotechnology

As a result, ORGANIBIO represents virtually all the segments of the French bioscience industry, particularly biotechnology with applications in pharmaceuticals, crop protection, agro-food, etc.

The representative nature of the organization enables it to be the acknowledged spokesman of this industrial grouping both in France (government ministries, state-funded research bodies, etc.) as well as at a pan-European and international level (European Union, similar foreign structures).

In its twenty years in existence, ORGANIBIO has become the acknowledged representative of the French bioscience sector by striving to promote dialogue and solidarity between the members of this industrial grouping and to be the efficient spokesman of these different biotechnology companies.

ORGANIBIO was also behind the creation of EUROPABIO, the European Association for Bioindustries, and remains one of its active members.